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Helpful links for simple & free STEM that relates to everything:

BeeBot Simulator (early elementary coding robot)

Chrome Music Lab (song maker that incorporates STEM)

CutOutFoldUp (interesting things to make out of paper)

Darrell Wakelam’s Art Jumpstart (simple art projects using recyclables)

Desmos (calculator, grapher, & Math activities)

eBird (birdwatching resources & data collection)

FoldnFly (paper airplane templates & tutorials)

Gear Generator (gear simulator)

Gear Sketch (draw gears & belts)

Icograms (a 3D isometric map & city builder)

Inspirograph (Spirograph simulator)

Instructables (How To instructions for making almost anything)

Joseph’s Machines (the best Rube Goldberg type machines on YouTube)

King of Random (simple & sometimes strange experiments/projects on YouTube)

Litterati (global trash pickup, tagging, & data collection for citizen science)

LOGO Simulator (the classic coding language with the turtle)

Nasa Live (watch NASA events live)

NASA STEM (STEM based activities from NASA for all grade levels)

OkGo Sandbox (STEM behind the OkGo music videos)

Phet Simulations (interactive Science & Math simulations)

Piskel (pixel art & animated sprite creator)

Pixar in a Box (STEM behind Pixar movies)

Science Buddies (science project ideas & resources)

Scratch (simple block coding for everyone)

Shut The Box (Shut the Box probability game)

SpaceX ISS Docking Simulator (try docking at the space station)

StoryCorps (story recording & sharing project)

Templatemaker (custom sized papercraft & packaging templates)

Thingiverse (digital design files for 3d Printing)

Tinkercad (3D design, often used for 3d printing)

Toy Theater (virtual manipulatives for Math & Science)

Vex Coding (coding for Vex robotics)

Which One Doesn’t Belong (thought provoking puzzles for Math)